Friday, January 13, 2012

Walk Number 26........Tunnel Bay 18/12/2011

One of the first walks I did as part of this little challenge was to Shipsterns Bluff.  Today, Jane & I have decided to revisit the scene of the crime but to also include a side walk into Tunnel Bay.  To avoid being repetitive, directions to the start of the track can be found in Walk number 2.  

So, the beginning of the track has been located and after a 30 minute walk the first junction is reached......left for Cape Raoul and right for Shipsterns & Tunnel Bay. As a comprehensive description of the walk from here in has been covered in my previous post I'll pick up the action an hour and a half further on where the second junction occurs......left for Shipsterns, right for Tunnel Bay.

The walk to Tunnel Bay takes about 20 minutes, descending a steep slope. What greeted us was quite surprising.....not only does the aptly named bay feature a perfectly formed tunnel but the remains of a whale had been washed up onto the shore.  The size of the remaining bones was just astounding, how big this magnificent creature actually was is mind boggling.

Through the tunnel the breaking seas of the bay can be seen.  If the tide is very low it is possible to inspect part of the tunnel but great care should be taken as there are often unexpected large waves.

What a fantastic little bay!  Full of little hidden treasures, we even found a spot tailor made for a cuppa.

After a little break we backtrack to the junction and undertake the descent into Shipsterns Bluff.  As I've covered this before I won't provide another run down except to say that it was such a perfect day weather wise that we were able to walk right around the bluff on the massive rock platform.  I really can't give any better description than what the following photos show, so I'll keep quiet now and leave you to sit back and enjoy!


The next walk is scheduled for January 15th....Mt Fortescue....bring it on!!

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  1. beautifully written as usual Karen. So looking forward to the published book (and using your own gorgeous photos!) ... xx