Saturday, June 9, 2012

Walk Number 30........Mount Koonya 6/5/2012

This walk is a short hike through wet sclerphyll forest starting from a small car park 5 km along Firetower Rd.  This is located by turning right off the Arthur Highway onto the B37 road just south of the Tasmanian Devil Park at Taranna.

The walking track heads up the slopes of Mount Koonya which is intermittently marked with blue tapes.  The track is clearly defined and follows the route of the old firetower telephone line.  The track passes through regrowth forest initially dominated by Swamp Gum, which give way to Stringybark as the track gains altitude.

This forest was razed by wildfire in the mid 1930's and so the regrowth is relatively young.  After climbing for about half an hour the track emerges from the forest onto a dolerite scree slope and outcrop, which is a bit of a scramble for the last 100 metres or so.  The views from the top of this outcrop take in Mt Clark and the eastern section of the Koonya State Forest.  Unfortunately on the day we took on this walk it was quite wet and a mist had descended over the hills obliterating the view.  However it did provide some very eerie photo opportunities.

After admiring the view, on a clear day, return to the carpark via the same route.

While we missed out on the expansive views over Norfolk Bay we did get to see some fabulous funghi......a great compensation for me as a lover of all things mushroomie!  Here's some examples of the fantastic specimens we came across.


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