Saturday, June 9, 2012

Walk Number 29........Retakunna Creek Circuit 20/2/2012

The Retakunna Creek Circuit is one of the longer day walks on the Peninsula, so it was on a fine Sunday morning Jane & I decided to tackle this one.  This walk is full of attractions which include rugged cliffs, rainforests, a 20 metre waterfall and buttongrass plains......just about everything covered!  The walk is graded as hard, so a medium to high level of fitness is required and the trip takes just on 9 hours for the return route.  

As with a number of the listed walks this one starts from the Fortescue Bay Camping Grounds.  Following the track to Cape Hauy for about an hour you will come to the sign marked "Mount Fortescue" pointing to the right.


The above information is correct should you follow the directions documented in the walks book, however as I have traversed this trail on numerous walks I made the executive decision (which by the way, as the hike leader, is my prerogative) to enter the trail via the Cape Pillar track, which is located around 5 minutes before the camping ground.  Entering via this track also cuts down the walk time quite considerably without missing out on any of the natural phenomenons.

Once on the Cape Pillar track you will cross the bridge over Agnes Creek after around 15 minutes before climbing steadily through forest which eventually levels out into more open country.

The track eventually passes to the southeast of Snake Hill, past the turn off to Arthurs Peak, through a small campsite at Denmans Creek onto Calculation Hill.   The track climbs steadily onto a plateau-like crest which provides the first views to the west of Cape Raoul and Bruny Island.  Approximately 2 hours from Fortescue Bay you will come to a junction......left to Mt Fortescue, straight ahead to Cape Pillar.

While it was very tempting to keep walking ahead to Cape Pillar, we weren't equipped or ready to take on that adventure just yet, so it was a left-hand turn to Mt Fortescue.  It's at this point that the track descends quite steeply through some magnificent rainforest through an area known as Tornedo Ridge.  

Approximately 40 minutes from the turn-off is a camp site which is one of the listed camping areas used on-route to Cape Pillar.  It is a sheltered site beside Retakunna Creek, which provides flowing fresh water for campers.

Once past the campsite you will cross the creek several times and head upwards to Wughallee Falls.  One hundred or so metres past the falls is a lookout where you can see across Cape Pillar to Tasman Island and down onto the rugged shoreline of Munro Blight.

After admiring the view the trek back is via the same route.

This abridged version of the documented walk takes about 5 - 6 hours.  Should you decide to undertake the longer walk you would be coming into the campsite via Mt Fortescue, past the lookout and Wughallee Falls.  Either route would be fantastic, so the choice is yours.

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